Location and dates

ExCel London

6-8 FEBRUARY 2024


Tribal Gaming seminar at ICE

Tribal Gaming seminar at ICE

State-by-state roll-out of sports betting and online gaming requires all of the new entrants to secure market access deals with the local stakeholders. In many large and therefore potentially lucrative states, those key stakeholders are Native American tribes.

Recent failures to pass sports betting in the state of California, due largely to the lack of understanding by the global commercial brands of the unique position, political clout and revenue goals of the tribes, made it even more poignant to engage with the tribes. Tribes are not against modernisation, innovation and expansion into new channels and verticals, as long as it doesn’t endanger their active involvement and participation in the future.

The ICE 2023 Tribal Gaming seminar drew lessons from the most recent successful and attempted roll-outs of sports betting and igaming to demonstrate the evolving tribal attitudes and educate on the regulatory models that are acceptable to them to move forward and build win-win partnerships.

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Seminar Agenda

  1. Review of the differing approaches to gaming innovation in Indian Gaming vs. commercial gaming   State by state roll-out of new channels and new verticals – spotlight on the tribes with dominating voi ...
  2. How lack of understanding of the stakeholder positions led to the most expensive and least effective regulatory battle in the modern history of sports betting  Highlighting tribal positions – what nee ...
  3. Due to is unique regulatory set-up, tribes have for years been experimenting with gaming formats and products so they could compete with commercial gaming but also leverage their particular frameworks ...
  4. What are the technological and consumer trends developing globally that North American tribes are looking at to future proof their industry and secure the success of their operations in the years to c ...
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  5. Review of the unique regulatory set-up in tribal gaming that ensures sovereignty and oversight  Leveraging the tribal partnerships and your partners’ regulatory framework as an entry route into a regu ...