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Welcome to Ampersand and Ampersand+

Ampersand+ (Membership)

We've been conducting extensive research on Ampersand, and as a result, we’re launching Ampersand+, which is an annual subscription-based, invite-only community of vetted senior industry leaders – the key requirement is that the members are curious, open-minded, focused on the future (rather than just tomorrow), interested in challenging the status quo and committed to adding a positive contribution. Ampersand+ is for people interested in meaningful connections and conversations and goes beyond just networking.

 Ampersand+ is designed for individuals who are:

  • Curious, open-minded, and focused on the future
  • Interested in challenging the status quo
  • Committed to making a positive contribution

Join Ampersand+ for meaningful connections and conversations that go beyond traditional networking. Download the membership pack here.

Membership Benefits:

  • A program of 47 touchpoints, including live and online events, such as Open Space meetings, dinners, socials, and experiences (pre-planned well in advance for easy planning)
  • Events held in both Europe and the US; potential expansion to non-Western geos in the future
  • Access to curated meetings and touchpoints for Ampersand+ members
  • Notes and summaries from meetings
  • Peer interviews and exclusive networking opportunities
  • Personal and/or Company Website listings as an Ampersand+ member

Download the membership pack here.

Membership Details

  • Annual Membership Cost: £899 (£75 per month)
  • Paid membership will begin in early October.
  • Trial activities, including an Open Space meeting and a dinner at iGB Live in Amsterdam, will be available in July for interested members.
  • Interested in becoming a member of Ampersand+? Sign up for an in-person Open Space meeting on 5th July, 2 pm – 5 pm
  • Committed to becoming a member?  Join us for dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Amsterdam? Contact Rosie on Rosie.Brewster@ClarionGaming.com

Please note that Ampersand will still have an open membership option, but it won't grant access to any of the Ampersand+ meetings or exclusive benefits.

A summary of the benefits:

  Ampersand Ampersand+
Open Space meetings
(In person)
Social events (in-person; dinners, socials, experiences)   X
Notes and summaries from meetings X X
Digital meetings (online)   X
Snap meetings on request
(online and in-person)
Access to Ampersand+ Lounge at CG events (ice, iGB Live)   X
Peer interviews X X
Website listing   X
Curated, invite-only membership to vetted industry leaders   X
Open membership (access to all) X  
Price Free £899 p.a


Download the membership pack here

Ampersand (free membership)

While the non-paid membership does not provide access to Ampersand+ meetings or exclusive benefits, it still offers a range of opportunities to gorw and thrive. Join Ampersand today to be able to access these free digital roundtables.


Free: Dates for your Diary:

Ampersand Digital Open Space (Members and Non-Members)

Topic: Mainstream brands entering gambling/betting as both operators and marketing partners

Topic: Where to look for growth: fully regulated vs. un-regulated markets

Topic: Localisation, localisation, localisation (of game product, marketing, interface, and core of the business)

Sign up to become an Ampersand (Free) member.


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