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Safe Gambling Message Spreads Across the ICE London 2022 Show Floor

Returning to ICE London for the fifth year, the Consumer Protection Zone will be the focal point for discussions and product demonstrations that advance the industry’s efforts in this critical area. Hosting not-for-profit safer gambling groups and suppliers whose main product centres around responsible gambling, it will also include a stage for talks and a product showcase.


The Consumer Protection Zone

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CPZ Charity Fund-Raising

Are you a progressive company with robust safer gambling policies and approaches you'd like to share with regulators, media, and the broader ICE audiences? 
It’s only £6000 to contribute to the CPZ charity fundraising that raised £65 000 at the last ICE to help three charities deliver their services to the most vulnerable. 
Contact Ewa Bakun to discuss your support of the ICE Consumer Protection efforts:

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Consumer Protection Zone Agenda

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

14:15: Opening of the Consumer Protection Zone

Tim Miller, Executive Director, Gambling Commission 


14:30 - 15:15: Operators’ panel: Consumer Protection Showcase – latest technology and product launches and developments in the quest to deliver safer gambling 

Martin Lycka, SVP for American Regulatory Affairs and Responsible Gambling, Entain

Andrew Banister, Assistant Safer Gambling Manager, Les Ambassadeurs Club

Ben Wright, Head of Safer Gambling, Flutter Entertainment

Moderator: Ewa Bakun, Director of Industry Insight and Engagement, Clarion Gaming


15:15- 16:00ILA: Regulators’ views on the effectiveness of the restrictions designed to enable safer gambling

Christina Christoforou, Social Responsibility & Business Development Directorate, National Betting Authority of Cyprus 

Mikel Arana, Director-General, DGOJ

Carole Leduc, ANJ

Moderator: Tim Miller, Executive Director, Gambling Commission


16:00: Donation ceremony – join to find out what charity receives the donation raised with the CPZ charity fund

16:00- 16:45: ILA Networking at Consumer Protection Zone (for ILA attendees only)


Wednesday, 13 April 2022

10:30- 11:15: Raising industry standards through collaboration, investment and research

  • well-being and mental health 

  • staff training

  • part of the culture 

  • lived experience  

Sasha Stark, Senior Researcher, Responsible Gaming Council

Matthew Hickey, CEO, Gordon Moody

Simon Vincze, Sustainable and Safer Gambling Lead, Casino Guru

Dan Whitlam, Head of Industry Standards, Gamcare 

Moderator: David Clifton, Director, Clifton Davies Consultancy Limited


11:15- 12:00: Power of AI and technology vs. human interaction and intervention in player protection – fire-side chat

Dr Edmond Mitchell, Head of Data, Future Anthem

Prof. Kim Mouridsen,Co-Founder, Mindway AI

Paul Foster, CEO, Crucial Compliance


12:00-12:50: Affordability and frictionless checks showcase

Charles Cohen, Founder, Department of Trust

Adam Doyle, Head of Gaming, TruNarrative

Jeremy Lever, Sales Manager, Synalogik

Moderator: David Schollenberger, Head of Legal and Compliance, Metric Gaming


14:00- 14:30: Going beyond safer gambling – ESG case study

Anna Jein, Sustainability Manager,  Kindred


14:30-15:30: Incorporating ESG into your strategy - why, how and what

  • what drives wider adoption of ESG in the gambling industry - investability, reputation, consumer demand …

  • industry-wide collaboration to create a meaningful and actionable materiality index

  • ESG DNA to incorporate into your strategy: governance, stakeholders management, investors relations etc. 


Andrew Lyman, Executive Director and Gambling Commissioner, Gambling Division, HM Government of Gibraltar

Steve Myers, Managing Director, Praxis Consulting and Advisory

Katie Lever, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Operating Officer,

Moderator: Laura Da Silva, Director, Silverfish CSR


15:30- 16:30: Reputation, responsibility and perception – implementing and communicating a meaningful change

The scrutiny experienced by the gaming industry can mean that goalposts are constantly shifting – but will the gambling industry always lag behind others in terms of reputation? Beyond being truthful and honest, can operators take positive measures that will reverse the perception? Examples may include supporting charities, pursuing zero carbon and improving corporate governance and being more transparent with regulators. This debate will look at the opposing views on whether the industry can clean up its perception with a meaningful long-term communications strategy, or if this is merely fuelling cynicism from detractors.

Sverker Skogberg, SVP Public Affairs, PAF

Ian Haworth, Communications Director, Hippodrome

Rolf Sims, Manager Public Affairs Nordics, Kindred Group

Moderator: Camilla Wright, Partner, Red Knot Communications 


Thursday, 14 April 2022

11:30- 12:15: Effective player tools for gambling, betting and esports

Andrew Tottenham, CEO, Gamblewise

Simon Vincze, Sustainable and Safer Gambling Lead, Casino Guru

Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO, Mindway AI 

Moderator: David Richardson, Strategic Partnership Manager, Better Change 


12:30: Closing Remarks



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