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Tuesday, 4 February - Pitch ICE Theatre

Pitch ICE

Pitch ICE took place on Tuesday, 5 February, 2019 and featured its own stage on the show floor. Thanks to our sponsor Best Gambling, we were able to offer an opportunity for start-ups to debut their companies, with some truly fascinating ideas taking the stage, demonstrating that it’s not just the big operators who can produce cutting-edge ideas and products.

Pitch ICE complements iGB Live! and GiGse LaunchPads, which have been providing gaming start-ups with a gateway to the industry investors and strategic partners since 2009.

We had a huge number of applications this year to Pitch ICE, ranging from game development to responsible gambling, poker and arcade categories, but we could only feature 24. Come see us again at iGB Live and ICE North America to be wowed by even more creative and innovative start-ups who deserve some recognition.

If you are interested in Pitch ICE 2020 or our other LaunchPad events, please email Gabriela Martins Da Silva via


2019 Pitch ICE Shortlist


Congratulations to all those who presented at Pitch ICE 2019, sponsored by Best Gambling.

Where websites are available, hyperlinks have been applied to the company names so that you can explore each entrant.

Where entry videos have been made available for you to view, you can watch these using the respective links.

Time Slot Company Category Entry Video
10:45 BetDuel Sports betting Watch the BetDuel video
11:00 Prophet Sport betting Watch the Prophet video
11:30 Blockverse Affiliate/blockchain Watch the Blockverse video
11:45 BnGet Skill gaming Watch the BnGet video
12:00 Casino Hour Game show Watch the Casino Hour video
12:15 Copperhead Media Pool betting Watch the Copperhead Media video
12:30 EFighting League Esports Watch the EFighting League video
12:45 TheRundown Odds comparison Watch the TheRundown video
13:00 Va Banque Casino Game developer Watch the Va Banque Casino video
13:15 Little Wheel RG and ID Verification Watch the Little Wheel video
13:30 Mercurius Financial betting Watch the Mercurius video
13:45 OCCO Games Poker Watch the OCCO Games video
14:00 Platform Gaming Technologies Game development Watch the Platform Gaming Technologies video
14:15 Play GR Arcade Watch the Play GR video
14:30 Purple Games Game development Watch the Purple Games video
14:45 RASD Payments Watch the RASD video
15:00 Rollorpoker Game development Watch the Rollerpoker video
15:15 Simpool Marketing Watch the Simpool video
15:30 Tap2Pay Payments Watch the Tap2Pay video
15:45 Marketing/RG Watch the Vaix video
16:00 Wall Street Football Sports betting Watch the Wall Street Football video
16:15 BiiM Operator / Software developer Watch the BiiM video


Alan Moon, Best Gambling, Pitch ICE sponsors:

"Best Gambling were delighted to sponsor Pitch ICE 2019.  We were extremely pleased with the unprecedented level of submissions from start-ups across the world who wanted to pitch their new ideas within the gaming industry at ICE London.  The event is normally held over the first day and we had quite a job whittling down the submissions from nearly 50 to the best 23 for the opportunity to pitch to industry leaders for investment and business development.  Each company had a 7-minute pitch slot, with a further Q&A from the audience. We ended up with a very impressive selection of start-ups across the breadth of gaming, from new odds comparison ideas, exciting ID and verification platforms which have some serious RG implications and a whole new range of game ideas at varying levels of development.

We were also delighted that Melissa Blau agreed to moderate the first half of the day, Melissa has significant industry experience and is a seasoned moderator.


In addition to the Pitch itself, we organised in conjunction with Clarion Gaming, VIP drinks after the pitch and invited numerous industry investors and disruptors to meet the start-ups and to find out more about their ideas.


Best Gambling (BG) have great synergy with Pitch ICE as we are a UK Operator who want to work with start-ups and scale-ups seeking quick access to the UK market at up to 50% lower cost and 3x faster than traditional routes.  We are unique in our service offering, the start-ups get to keep full rights to their game and but can operate very quickly on our licence whilst we take care of all the regulatory compliance, hosting, testing and all aspects of the process to ensure full compliance.  This can be significant for most start-ups in terms of cost and knowledge, our team of industry experts can help. 

We would like to congratulate all the start-ups this year who were given the opportunity to pitch, we hope they found it a valuable experience, certainly the feedback on the day and afterwards has been very positive.


Finally, we would like to thank Clarion Gaming for putting on such an exceptional event, and investing time and effort to give new startups the opportunity to be seen and heard. They are one of the best marketing teams we have worked with and we look forward to building on this going forward."