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ICE events have always stood shoulder to shoulder with the global gaming industry and now, more than ever, we’re committed to continuing to be a driving force to the success of our industry. With so much change going on, you can’t afford to stand still and neither will we…We’ve designed a completely new way for you to get the business-critical insights you need to stay at the forefront of your industry – the ICE 365 content series.

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What is the ICE 365 Content Series?

What is the ICE 365 Content Series?

In-depth Analysis, Insight, and Exclusive Content

The ICE 365 Content Series provide year-round multi-media content broken into themes that combine elements of iGB’s analysis, data, and webinars with Clarion Gaming’s industry connections, events, and virtual Ampersand speakeasies for an in-depth look at the core issues facing the sector.

Running throughout 2021, each series will take a key vertical, topic, or sub-set of the global gaming sector and provide insights across a variety of formats, such as:

  • reports

  • interviews

  • exclusive data

  • videos & webinars

  • live discussions

  • curated networking sessions

  • Pitch ICE 


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ICE365 content series in 2021

ICE Tech Futures

Drawing on insights from gaming’s most exciting technology pioneers, this series will kick off with our annual iGB Futures Survey followed by exclusive intelligence, reports, videos and webinars to set the tech tone and embrace industry disruptors throughout 2021.


US Sports Betting:
The Path to Profitability

With the first phase of the US sports betting roll-out coming to a close, operators and suppliers are now looking to make their businesses more profitable and sustainable. This is already resulting in a new wave of consolidation, increased interest in new products, and evolution in industry marketing. 


European Sports Betting:
A Market in Flux

Over in Europe, meanwhile, an evolving regulatory landscape is forcing changes to operating practices, and putting increased pressure on operators. This series looks to identify and assess key developments across multiple markets, and how the industry can engage and retain customers


Tribal Gaming: Expansion, Partnerships and Innovation

This series bridges the gap between North American tribal gaming and global commercial gaming to explore expansion opportunities domestically and internationally.


The International Casino Series


Rethinking the land-based business as it emerges from its biggest challenge yet, the global Covid-19 pandemic.


Esports content series

Deepening the understanding of how the gambling industry can monetize esports and capture the attention of their sought after audiences. 

New Horizons: Future Markets
in 2021 and Beyond

From Germany to Japan, from Brazil to Nigeria and from Ukraine to India – what are the exciting markets to expand into for igaming, sports betting, integrated resorts, esports and lottery?

Marketing Excellence

AI, personalisation, switch from acquisition to retention – deep dive focus on marketing in increasingly more restrictive environments.

RegTech Part 1: KYC,
Verification and AML for Compliant and Effective
Customer Onboarding

Technology, tools, strategies and innovation to onboard customers for a sustainable, lasting and compliant relationship.

RegTech Part 2:
Risk and Payments

Payments solutions and technology as a customer retention, fraud prevention and compliance tool. 

Sustainability, People and Perception

Exploring the foundations needed to build a truly sustainable business in the gaming sector.

The Year in Slots

Innovation and differentiation in casino product design, development and marketing to appeal to future generations of players.

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