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ICE London 2020 and Data.Bet bring you the most complete B2B eSports learning experience to be found anywhere...

Benefit from being a part of this experience - putting you directly into the buzzing world of eSports, allowing you to explore, place your bets and get involved all whilst learning how this innovative combo of wagering and sports could positively benefit and grow your business.

Watch the teams battle it out for a huge prize pool of $250,000... with other prizes to be won throughout the 3 days!

Get in the know with eSports experts, insightful sessions, a tailored agenda and an opportunity to get your questions answered in the meet the teams bootcamp area.

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What is involved in the eSports arena, for you?


Prize Pool - $250,000 

ICE and GG.Bet have invited six of the world’s greatest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) teams for a closed tournament. We have also invited the industry’s best-known shout casters (pundits) to guide you through the action. This is the biggest prize pool for CS:GO so far in 2020 and you will get fully immersed into what an eSports tournament is really like, experience the buzz and of course have fun!



Choose your learning...

With our multi-channel headphones you can decide yourself which line of learning is best suited for you...

1-  The shout casters who will be broadcasting live to the home audience throughout the tournament  - giving you a direct feed as the tournament unfolds from an eSports perspective. Showing you what is the usual order of events through out an eSports tournament, filling you in on the players progress and reporting on the live game at each step.


2- A series of lecturers who will be explaining the game but more importantly detailing why eSports is becoming increasingly relevant for the gaming industry. Bringing you information from a non-esports perspective to help you understand how this new era of gaming can positively benefit your business, what each moment of the tournament involves, how you as operators can grow and incorporate this new age of gaming into your current operations. 





Esportsbook - use our ICE/GG.Bet dollars to get those bets on                                

Between the action, pop into the eSportsbook and place your bets! 

This is an interactive way to quickly get you to up to speed on how betting on eSports works, what you are looking for in terms of tips, how best to bet, where your money goes and of course getting you in on the action at a live tournament. Putting you in the shoes of the punter. 

There will be prizes for the top tipsters who end up winning the most ICE/GG.Bet Dollars in the most exciting B2B sporting event of the century.



Tailored Conference Agenda    


A tailored agenda to give you the latest insight into the world of eSports, aimed at helping you understand this complex market and where your business might fit in.

Sessions to educate and cover all those unanswered questions, updates and examples of how eSports can bring in a fresh era of clientele to your business whilst also inspiring the gambling veterans that are keen for something new.


Dedicated solutions experts                                                                                 

Expect key insights from those already profiting in the eSports world, demonstrating how you too can make your mark on the industry. Key specialists and esports professionals will be on hand to answer questions during or after agenda sessions.

Meet the eSport teams - Bootcamp Zone

Linking with eSport teams is a great way to connect with the eSport bettor. At ICE we have provided an open training area (Bootcamp) for the players, so the audience can meet the teams, managers and coaches.

They will be more than happy to guide you through sponsorship options and to deepen your knowledge of eSports so you have new insight to take away with you and incorporate into your business to give it that fresh kick.



Fancy sponsoring the eSports arena?

There are different sponsorship opportunities at the eSports arena... a great way to get your stamp on our BIG 2020 launch and be part of this new, fast paced and growing industry!

| Speaking slots | bar happy hour | auditorium co-sponsorship |

Please contact William Harding, Head of Esports on William.harding@clariongaming.com


Download  The eSports Sponsorship Package

Arena Layout



Esports Pavilion


Esports Arena

To get involved and be part of the first ever eSports tournament at ICE London 2020, just simply register for FREE by clicking the button below and make sure to get yourself to the eSports arena.


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Some eSports FAQs & figures to get you up to speed...

Esports revenue & eSports Audience


 What is eSports? (Electronic sports)

Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams.

 Why is eSports important for the gambling sector?

 It has moved from a 5.5B USD wagering sector in 2016 to a est 12.9B USD by 2020. A 130% increase in 4 years.

 Whats driving the eSports/ gambling sector?

Regulation dissolving in key countries, increased viewship and eSport players, new games and technology, accessibility, New Games having the data cracked to be betting ready.

What's clarion doing to help us enter into the eSports market?

A comprehensive authentic eSport arena. Providing the audience with touch points to all of the eSports ecosystem. Moreover we translate eSports for you.

What is the age restriction for the ICE eSports arena?

This is a feature of ICE London, therefore you cannot gain admission if you are under 18. You may asked to show ID on entry.  

No person under the age of 18 years, including children of the exhibitors, will be admitted during the tenancy period

The organisers reserve the right to exclude or remove anyone from the ICE London and ExCeL who does not comply with this policy or who they reasonably consider are likely to break the rules.

Esports eco-system

Esports eco-system

Esports Exhibitors