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Routee is a Web and API cloud communication platform that helps companies optimize their marketing campaigns for maximum customer engagement. By utilizing an omnichannel approach through a powerful and intuitive user environment, Routee provides services such as SMS, Voice, Email Messaging, Two-Factor Authentication, Number Lookup, Number Validation and Messaging Apps to reduce digital communication costs and enable businesses to up-sell and cross-sell products successfully.

WayMore, the marketing automation solution, completes a versatile communications platform, offering data segmentation and personalized funnels, with the ability to track and control every detail of a new or an existing customer’s journey, providing ways to effectively reduce cart abandonment and churn rates.

The Routee and WayMore platforms have been developed by AMD Telecom, a telecommunications and software company that has been designing and implementing communication solutions for more than 20 years, empowering companies in their efforts to engage and convert diverse audiences across global markets.

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