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Providing a very advanced product not only for Africa but for the global iGaming industry, BtoBet is considered as a leading technology provider for operators who want to have cutting edge technology at their disposal.

Having a strong presence in the African region, BtoBet’s iGaming platforms – Neuron Games and Neuron Sports – are already fully compliant to all regulated areas within the African region and are provided to clients in: Cameroun; Ghana; Tanzania; Nigeria; Kenya; Zambia; Uganda; Malawi; Congo DRC; Congo Brazzaville; Guinea; Mozambique; Sierra Leone; Senegal; Togo; Chad; and Angola.

BtoBet is in the ideal position to present itself as the ideal technological partner with its depth of know-how in the region stemming from a deep awareness to the varying problematics that constitute the different countries and regions. Relying on a diversified clientele portfolio and knowing all the issues that constitute the main challenges for operators in the region, BtoBet is able to assist its partners in a holistic approach.

By putting at the disposal of the operators what is considered a next-level omnichannel platform – BtoBet ensures that the African market’s needs are deservedly addressed. Both Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms propose scalable solutions, also from a jurisdictional point of view, thus allowing gaming operators to have full control and management of their operations. Additionally, both platforms enable the integration of any content related to games and betting, whilst featuring multi-currency options and payment methods. All this whilst ensuring a seamless and integrated customer experience across all channels.

BtoBet’s Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms are: scalable for any jurisdiction; feature multi-currency options; offer a wide range of international payments; and are scalable in terms of betting and gaming offers according to local players’ needs and preferences.

Furthermore with its recently launched White Label Certification Program, BtoBet’s advanced technologies are made more accessible to White Label Operators through its network of local Certified Partners who will provide operators with the high level of service that is now synonymous with BtoBet.

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