Sebastian Vivot

Sebastian Vivot

CTO, Lotería de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Sebastián Vivot holds an Information Systems degree, specialist in project designs & management, complex processes deployment and best practices implementation.

He has strong experience in consulting firms, such as Deloitte, BDO and IBM, covering a wide variety of industries: mass consumption, chemistry, agricultural industry, food industry, heavy engineer, among others.

He began his professional career in the Gaming Industry in 2016, performing as Systems Manager at Loteria Nacional S.E., becoming part of the team that worked hard in the competencies transfer to the City of Buenos Aires.

Since 2017, he has served as Information Technology Manager at Lotería de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires S.E. He has led the working teams related to the modernization of work organization, including the Online Game industry implementation in the City of Buenos Aires.


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