5-7 February 2019 | ExCeL London, UK

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Totally Gaming Academy

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Totally Gaming Academy

The Totally Gaming Academy is widely recognised as the global leader of gaming industry training for professionals and businesses seeking to reach their full potential. Our courses are unbiased and intensively researched, providing best practice training, and supported by consultative interaction with our expert trainers, who all have extensive operational experience in their field.

Exclusively at ICE, the Totally Gaming Academy is offering you the opportunity to attend a 45 minute taster session for each of our gaming training courses. This in our theatre, located at S9-260. The sessions are free to attend and you may attend as many sessions as you like. However, please note that the sessions are very popular and limited seating is available.

To find out more about the courses offered by the Totally Gaming Academy, please visit our website, contact Joanna Hardley (+44 (0) 20 7384 7823) or

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Totally Gaming Academy

The following taster sessions for The Totally Gaming Academy Theatre have been confirmed.

Slot Academy – Lucien Wijsman:

This session provides preview of our immensely popular Slot Academy, headed by the industry-icon Lucien Wijsman. 

An intensive three day training course for gaming management, proven to improve the efficiency and profitability of the gaming floor.

Table Games Masterclass – Robert Brassai:

Creating a Paradise of educated managers making educated decisions:

Learn how adapting your table games floor and educating your team can not only improve your revenue, but ensure decisions are made quickly and decisively.

Table Games Masterclass is an intensive two day training course, which will explore not only effective table games management but also the processes, mathematics, and skills required for a successful gaming floor.

Affiliate Management Academy – Tom Galanis:

Developing & Keeping Affiliate Teams in a rapidly evolving industry:

Delve into the world of affiliate management, to truly understand how strategies can be updated to improve your affiliate programs.

Affiliate Management Academy is an intensive and thoroughly practical course, which is designed to improve the performance of your affiliate program by teaching the tools and tactics required to significantly improve your results and enjoyment in the role, leaving a lasting impact on your bottom line.

Online Gaming Masterclass – Igor Samardziski:

Igor’s session profiles The Online Gaming Masterclass, a comprehensive four day training course that explores each area of an online gaming business in detail and its influence on bottom line performance.

The course introduces game mechanics, bonuses, player acquisition and retention and how to reduce risk. Igor will introduce key insights from the course at the TGA Theatre and discuss contemporary issues influencing online gaming.

Responsible Gaming Academy - Arno Nagelschmied

Take responsibility for Responsible Gaming:

Understand how to manage practical polices and measures to make responsible gaming part of a positive message to market your business as well as satisfy the plethora of regulators

The Responsible Gaming Academy has been crafted to give those working with responsible gaming policies the chance to immerse themselves in two days of interactive learning to truly grasp how to create an inclusive practical policy, ensuring you protect your customers and enhance your reputation.

Online Slot Development Academy – Ashley Sandyford-Sykes:

Where to next for Online Slot Studios?

Navigating the strategic directions options available to Online Studios and exposing the ‘dead ends’

Online Slot Development Academy is an essential three day training course for online slot game developers and designers, which provides current in-depth market knowledge and mathematical skills.

Sportsbook Management Academy – Lee Richardson:

This session provides a preview of our popular Sportsbook Management course, an internationally important subject headed by the industry-wise Lee Richardson.

The Sportsbook Management Academy is crafted to guide you through the key ‘do’s and don’ts’ of creating a profitable sports book operation, from operating models and licensing options, through to customer acquisition, segmentation, trading and business intelligence. You’ll also get the chance to consider the future outlook for sports books, and gain ideas as to how you can stay ahead of your rivals in an increasingly competitive environment.

Lottery Academy – Wendy Lawrence:

Paradise and Lottery - a match made in heaven?

Explore how lotteries exist to bring dreams of life-changing sums of money to the masses, and what the impact is on your lottery operation

The Lottery Academy is a practical insight into the commercial, operational, and regulatory aspects of the Lottery industry, focusing on the unique nature of lottery games, lottery marketing, and future innovation and opportunities.

Anti-Money Laundering Academy – Leonard Senia:

This session at ICE 2018, designed in conjunction with world-renown specialists from Spectrum Gaming, will introduce an increasingly issue to the sector as a whole.

The course itself will provide you with detail on upcoming regulation changes and how to directly implement key AML practices and reporting systems into your operations as well as enhance your understanding of key Governmental agencies and directives.

US Focus- Land-based to Online Academy- Itsik Akiva

Expand Your Land-based Operations Online Six Steps to Online Paradise - lessons learned from the US experience

Examine how to expand your brick and mortar operation through social, real money or other online gaming technologies to take advantage of a great opportunity for most land-based casino operators.

Poker Academy- Stevie Pollak

How to make the Poker Floor a winning part of your Casino

An intensive two day training course will guide you through the world of tournament and cashgame poker on a poker floor. Theoretically and practically you will be taught how to manage and lead the poker floor and to educate your team.

Casino Marketing Academy – Arjan Korstjens

Is promising Paradise a responsible way to go?

Our industry has been promising Paradise - Become an instant Millionaire! Win this Mercedes! Win a trip to Las Vegas!

Casino marketing has been going around in circles for a very long time. It is time for a new direction: marketing has to support Responsible Gaming in the best interest of the player and the casino. When you educate your guests, they can make responsible and informed decisions and have more fun. Learn all on how a casino can do this and more about casino marketing in this taster session.


NEW FOR 2018!

We will be bringing together industry experts for three candid Q&A sessions, offering you the chance to discuss all pertinent questions and network with industry peers.


Tuesday 6th

Landbased is dead, long live landbased

VCR was to be the death of cinemas, but with 4D and Dolby Cinema it is stronger than ever. Amazon would be the retail killer, but they are opening store after store. So are online, mobile and VR the landbased casino killers? Our mixed panel of expert speakers, both from the landbased and the online world, will debate on what casinos must do to optimise the opportunities offered  by online, or is landbased going to die? Find out at our panel.

Wednesday 7th

Sustainable Gaming – Saving the Sector from Itself

Understand if it is necessary in our industry to increase the social acceptance of gambling and to avoid overregulation or prohibition, considering long and short term approaches, to guarantee sustainability for our industry. Responsibility is not an isolated topic; it’s more a holistic way to review our business. So how can we guarantee sustainability for our industry?

Thursday 8th

Does the general lack of training and accreditation have impact on the gaming industry?

  • Will regulators increasingly demand evidence of skills and knowledge when assessing licence holders and applications?
  • Has the past of hand-me-down-experience and information had its day?
  • Where will innovation and new best practices come from?
  • Where are the opportunities for independent standards and accreditation for both companies and individuals?