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World Regulatory Briefing (WrB)

The Single Largest Meeting of Global Regulators in the World

IMGL and Clarion Gaming

Delivered in cooperation between the International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) and Clarion Gaming, the World Regulatory Briefing brings international regulators, legislators, and operators together to discuss current and future critical issues and drive sustainable markets worldwide. 

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Why Should You Attend? 

WrB offers you the chance to be in the same room as your jurisdiction's regulators. Save the time and money it would cost you to travel to each country for a meeting! WrB eliminates the hard work for you with panel discussions and interactive roundtables to get you the answers you need for clarification on the future of issues including: 

Regulatory enforcement

Regtech and a more uniform approach to compliance

The role of the media in public perception of gambling and regulatory enforcement

The role of internal company culture in sustainability 

New Markets

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Key Issues Covered in 2020


A Year in Review:
How might regulatory changes from 2019 impact the industry in 2020 and beyond?                                      

The Customer Journey, From Onboarding to Withdrawal:
Keeping your customer and your business safe                                         
Automisation in Communication:
Leaving the low-risk customers to the robots and taking a more personal approach with the high risk
What do the compliance and responsible gambling landscape look like for the UK in 2020 2021?

Media Pressure, Regulatory Reactions and Damaged Industry Relationships

Compliance, Cynicism, and Company Culture:
Understanding the boundaries for operators and taking a top-down approach to RG
Compliant and Competitive:
Weighing up the pros and cons of prescriptive versus outcome based regulation

European Roundtables: 
UK | Germany | Dutch | Sweden

USA Roundtables

Latin America Roundtables: 
Argentina | Brazi | Chile | Colombia | Peru

Asia Roundtables: 
Philippines | Cambodia | Vietnam

Africa Roundtables:
South Africa | Nigeria | Kenya | Uganda


Monika Racek  Interview - Part 1 


Monika Racek Interview - Part 2


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