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Modernising Lotteries

Private vs National Lotteries

Lottery is still one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world. New lottery-type products are emerging and experiencing high growth rates compared to other gaming types such as casino or sports betting. The increase in lottery-based game activity stems from the private lotteries taking advantage of modern technology to reach more people and different demographics. National lotteries argue that the revenue raised by private lotteries is taking away from the revenue a national lottery would make and in-turn is depleting the number of funds available for charity. This has led to private lottery being prohibited in a few countries.

Modernising lotteries at VOX takes a deep-dive into the current clashes between private and national lotteries, opening up opportunities and solutions for both and providing insight into what the future holds.

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ICE VOX provides a platform for you to engage with all the right people. From peers to speakers, everybody has gathered to talk in detail about one thing: Lotteries. From regulation to customer expectation, Modernising Lotteries aims to deliver content to trigger new ideas, planning, and opportunity for the foreseeable future.


Death of Retail

Lottery Liquidity




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