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Cybercrime and Security

How to Keep Your Most Valuable Asset Safe

The gambling industry, especially the online sector, is extremely rich in data. Over recent years, since the implementation of GDPR, it has become increasingly important to protect that data, both for compliance reasons and otherwise. No business wants to risk becoming susceptible to hacking or data breaches, especially given the financial implications.

In a world of rapid technological advances, how do businesses keep up with the pace of ever-evolving techniques for cybercrime to protect themselves? The Cybercrime and Security track at ICE VOX will cover all the main challenges the industry is facing, from conflicts between AML and GDPR guidance to reducing a digital attack surface. 

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What Did We Talk About in 2020?

In the blue corner, AMLD5… In the red corner, GDPR:
Complying with both AMLDs and GDPR despite conflicts between their guidelines

GDPR is inhibitive to future progress, especially with regards to the use of biometric data. Discuss. 

It’s a risky business!
How a risk-based approach to AML, fraud, and responsible gambling could be the answer to your prayers…

Your digital attack surface needs you! Reducing digital vulnerabilities in a world of digital expansion

cAIber Security:
How to trend towards automation and AI could improve your resistance to cyber threats

The optimal customer journey/risk-free see-saw



Why Should You Attend? 

The Cybercrime and Security track gives attendees invaluable information about compliance and best practice to keep their data and their money safe. Speakers from all around the world will be sharing their own success stories and challenges as we work to future-proof businesses against fraud, money-laundering, hacking, and data breaches. Topics up for discussion include:

Conflicts between GDPR and AML Regulation

Restrictions for progressing with biometric data for verification

Applying a simple, risk-based approach to complex fraud and AML processes

Information security in an ever-evolving landscape of cybercrime

Customer journey and satisfaction



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