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ExCel London

6-8 FEBRUARY 2024


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Get Inside the Mind of a Customer


Get Inside the Mind of a Customer

06 Feb 2023
ICC Capital Suite

The Psychology of Entertainment and how to apply behavioural science to creating appealing omni-channel experiences.

  • As the industry looks to widen its appeal beyond just gaming, across new audiences and new channels, we ask: what is the psychology of entertainment?
  • What drives how people really think about entertainment, and what is the science behind this?
  • How do these change in challenging times?
  • What makes the most appealing experiences for guests?
  • How do needs vary with different psychological traits?
  • What appeals and reassures different segments? or puts them off?
Patrick Fagan, Chief Scientific Officer - Capuchin Behavioural Science
Dan Thwaites, Co-Founder - Capuchin Behavioural Science
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