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ExCel London

6-8 FEBRUARY 2024


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Embracing the change to keep up with younger audiences


Embracing the change to keep up with younger audiences

08 Feb 2023
ICC Capital Suite
Modernising Lotteries Masterclass
  • Brainstorming ideas to make lotteries more appealing and accessible to younger generations
  • Showcasing the latest research on what younger audiences want - What should be our main focus?
  • How can the right marketing, gaming mechanisms and branding make lotteries attractive to Gen Z and Millenials - Best practice examples
  • What commercial strategies have proven to be effective to reach young people? Considering the media, sales channels, games and Metaverse
  • How can we maintain and even reinvent our offering to stay relevant today and adaptable to what tomorrow may bring?
John Teo
John Teo, Executive Director - Asia Pacific Lottery Association Ltd
Rose J. Hudson, President and CEO - Louisiana Lottery Corporation
Gregg Edgar, Former Executive Director - Arizona Lottery
Fotis Zisimopoulos, Chief Product Officer - Opap s.a.
Raffaele Fiorini, Business Director Instants - Nederlandse Loterij
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