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ILA 2021 for ICE Engage

Confidential space to discuss your regulatory challenges

Invite-only and open to regulators, policy-makers and government officials ONLY

Contact Ewa Bakun at to find out more. 

CV-19 has posed new challenges to gaming regulators and policy-makers around the world – find out from fellow policy-makers how best to address them.

ILA returns in 2021 to offer confidential space for the regulatory community to connect digitally.

Set against a broader programme of ICE Engage and to continue the ILA legacy of creating a confidential space for regulators to meet, we’ll be hosting a digital roundtable conversation designed to allow for a free-flowing and informal format and in an intimate group of fellow regulators, limited to maximum 12 participants.

We have asked the ILA members to tell us what the most critical issues are in 2021 in this survey (the survey is still open to fill out to shape the future ILA themes).

Choose next ILA roundtable topics

Upcoming roundtable's topic

The topic of Regulating the industry in the times of the pandemic has been voted to be the most critical one and will be the theme for our digital roundtable with dates to be announced soon.

If you are regulator, policy-maker or government official in attendance at ICE and want to find out more and/or RSVP, please contact Ewa Bakun at

What is ICE Engage

In-depth Analysis, Insight and Exclusive Content

ICE Engage is a series of multi-media content broken into themes which combine elements of iGB’s analysis, data and webinars with Clarion Gaming’s industry connections, events and virtual Ampersand speakeasies for an in-depth look at all aspects of the industry.

Running throughout 2021, each series will take a key vertical, topic or sub-set of the global gaming sector and provide insights across a variety of formats, such as:

  • reports

  • interviews

  • exclusive data

  • videos & webinars

  • live discussions

  • curated networking sessions


Find out more about ICE Engage

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