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With ZYN you never need to take time out to take a break. You never have to leave a conversation or a discussion, you can be a part of everything, of every moment. Never miss the beginning of the joke, never be the joke, freezing outside in the cold.​ ZYN empowers you to never miss out. It removes the choice of staying or leaving, because nicotine shouldn’t interrupt your life. An inherently social habit shouldn’t make you anti-social. Never fear missing out again.


Who is ZYN for?

In short, ZYN is for all adults who enjoy nicotine.​ ZYN is considered a unisex product on many markets where it's available.​ Even though Sweden has some of the lowest smoking rates in the world and ZYN could be seen as a modified risk alternative to cigarettes it is not specifically designed to help people stop smoking.​ It's just a new and different way of enjoying nicotine, try it yourself next time you get a craving!


What is in the pouch?

Nicotine - Extracted from natural tobacco leaves.​

Fillers - Plant based materials that give the pouches volume.

pH adjuster - The pH adjuster helps the delivery of nicotine which, together with the nicotine, makes for a tingling sensation under the lip. The tingling usually wears off after 5-10 minutes for most users.​

Flavourings - Food-grade flavors and natural additives used to enhance the taste of each pouch​

Sweeteners - Sugar free flavor enhancers.


ZYN is a tobacco free nicotine pouch from Sweden with over 200 million cans sold worldwide since 2018. Since there is nothing inhaled you can enjoy ZYN anywhere from the busy morning commute to your favorite weekend waterhole.


SE-118 85 Stockholm
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