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War of Bets

BetGames.TV Stand: S3-230

“War of Bets” is a real-time live-streamed game with the rules and procedure very similar to Casino War. The game runs 24/7 with planned technical breaks. The game uses six standard 52 (fifty-two) card decks. Each card has a unique bar code which is scanned with an integrated table scanner when the cards are being dealt on the table. The game is played between two sides – the Player and the Dealer. The presenter of the game deals one card to each side in every draw of the game. The goal of the game is to get a higher card according to the ranking (Aces counts as highest cards only and deuces counts as lowest). When both sides have one card each face-up, the situation is assessed and in accordance with the fixed rules it is determined if draw was won by one of the sides – the Player or the Dealer, or if it ended in War. Web integration only.


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