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CommPeak Dialer

CommPeak Stand: N9-237

Boost your call center efficiency with CommPeak Dialer

  • Review

Control every second of the agents' work time. Put an end to agents’ skipping leads. Call your onlines faster than your competitors do.

  • Management

Get your money back from affiliates - check the quality of leads with ASR rate. Explain to affiliates any conversion fluctuations without being an analyst.

  • Access Control

Authorize who can take action on specific resources, giving you full control & visibility.

  • Automation

Apply your unique logic to call leads per agent’s skill. Let your most important leads reach the most effective agents.

  • Assistance

Personal project manager and 24/7 technical support.

  • CRM integration

All data is automatically synced between Dialer and CRM. Your agent doesn't need to switch to CRM to see the client's information while making a call.


Here’s what you get

  • Protect your lead base

Prevent data theft using access rules and masking numbers from agents.

  • Boost agent productivity

Skip unprofitable tasks by automating agents' routine.

  • Focus on prospective leads

Maximize talk time with your quality leads connecting agents only on live calls.

  • Increase customer loyalty

Gain more satisfied clients routing them to agents with matching skills.


Your agents do only the most valuable work—sales and customer service. And your call center performance increases dramatically. Tested and proven by hundreds of call centers worldwide.


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