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Bet on Poker

BetGames.TV Stand: S3-230

“Bet on Poker” is a real-time live-streamed game with the rules and procedure very similar to the “Texas Hold'em Poker”. The game runs 24/7 with planned technical breaks. The play begins with the dealing of two cards face-up for each of six different hands; later in the game five community cards – the Board – are turned up. The cards being turned up and the results are registered on the basis of the video broadcast and readings of the scanner which registers the cards placed face-up on the table. The purpose of the game is to construct the highest possible combination of five cards using the available hand (two cards) and five community cards. The hand (hands) with the highest value combination of five cards from among the other hands wins (win). A player may bet on the winner (-s) hand (-s) before and during each play.


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