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Do I qualify as an affiliate or introducing broker?

Why do I need to qualify?

Affiliates or information brokers registered for ICE London also get free access to the London Affiliate Conference.

London Affiliate Conference (LAC) is also run by Clarion Gaming, takes place on the 6-7 February alongside ICE London. It is the market leading event for the igaming affiliate industry and attracts over 5,200 delegates. To find out more please visit


Also called publishers or webmasters, an affiliate is a person that refers traffic (in this case players) to an operator website. For example, would refer a player to The affiliate is then paid a revenue share or CPA (cost per acquisition) for each of the players they send.

Introducing brokers

Introducing broker is a person or institution who has all the functions of a broker, except to accept money or any type of investment. The introducing broker usually refers its clients to a dealer and, in return, receives a compensation, such as commissions.

Registering as an affiliate or introducing broker

If you are not sure if you qualify as an affiliate or introducing broker, please email with details of your business. We will then be able to let you know if you are able to me marked as an affiliate or introducing broker. If you register as an affiliate or introducing broker under false pretense, we reserve the right to refuse you entry on the day. 

If we are made aware of anyone that has entered the event as an affiliate or introducing broker and is in fact not, they will be asked to re-register their pass and lose free access to London Affiliate Conference.

We ask for your help in letting us know immediately if you believe someone has registered as an affiliate or introducing broker who should not have. Please approach any member of the events team who will deal with this in the strictest confidence.




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