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Innovation in advertising & marketing during this transitional period is imperative to future success

New markets around the globe are finally opening up after years of wait, offering massive revenue potential while markets that are already regulated are clamping down heavy on their licensees in a bid to encourage responsible gambling and greater consumer protection, which in turn is limiting operator’s revenue potential greatly. Finding the balance between an open, competitive market and facilitating a safe betting environment is the biggest challenge across the various jurisdictions.

Advertising and Marketing at VOX handles global issues, makes room for creative planning and future proofing of the industry so we can still engage with prospects while complying to necessary regulations for the consumer's protection.

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Advertising and Marketing Overview: what are we talking about in 2020?


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Sustainable VIPs – The lifeblood of your business?

Why should you attend? 

Big changes to the industry are happening, and where there is uncertainty there is a need for conferences like advertising & marketing, there is so much to figure out that solutions can't just be found with online research. Bringing key stakeholders within this particular role to share their success, experience, advice and strategy is an invaluable opportunity for operators in need of some tangible content to drive actionable plans in customer acquisition and retention.  

The conference will approach clear issues with a consultative approach and cover topics such as: 

Saturated markets in Europe

Advertising bans and limitations

Bonus usage



Finding balance

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