4-6 February 2020 | ExCeL London, UK

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Cards Print

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Cards Print

Stand: N1-112
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Cards Print

We are Cards Print, a company that loves to create, collaborate, care and learn


What do we create

  • Complete and innovative solutions based on PVC cards which help our clients to improve or rebuild their business, make better market image and increase their profit.

Who do we collaborate with? 

  • With anyone who is aware that successful business requires constant innovation and adjustment. With anyone who seeks for ideas that will make his company stand out from the competition, make his business more profitable and his customers more satisfied. 

Why do we care about our customers? 

  • Because we believe our customers are the lifeblood of our business. There is nothing more powerful than a positive recommendation of loyal, repeat customer who acts as ambassador for your company, brand, products and services.  

Why do we still learn

  • Because learning encourages creativity and helps us address our weaknesses. 


We have been in business of PVC cards production and printing since 2008. We provide tailored and complete solutions for our clients, from initial idea to the final product (design, production, printing and packaging along with 24/7 technical and customer support). In addition to cards and lanyards that are our main products, we also offer different ID accessories, accreditation badges, USB cards, VIP wristbands, RFID media, card readers and printers.


Our main task is listening and understanding clients' needs as well as diagnosis of their problems in order to create solutions which will help them to overcome their problems and improve their business. Having our own production plant allows us to set short production deadlines, solve problems very quickly and be responsive, which is why our clients love working with us. 


Cards Print team believes that strength and stability of success are equal to the amount of effort, persistence and courage invested in it.

We have strong convictions, clearly define goals, boundless energy, creativity and ability of forward thinking.  

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