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BetGames TV

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BetGames TV

Stand: S1-200 & S1-102
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BetGames TV

How do you name the product, which combines sports betting, live games, casino and lotteries...? 

Where the player can freely play well-known casino and lottery games by betting on the outcomes. We called it BetGames.TV! Never heard of something this unique? Well as we like to say "today is Your Lucky Day" to get to know it better!  

Live + Betting + Games = BetGames

BetGames.TV is a developer and distributor of interactive (LIVE) and innovative gaming products for gambling business (B2B). 

Our games could create multi-table effect with a possibility to try different games - that allows players to be engaged.

We combine traditional (fixed odds) betting with popular lotteries and table games. They are simple enough for players to easily catch on to the idea.

GAMES: Lucky7, Lucky6, Lucky5, Dice, Dice Duel, Wheel of Fortune, Bet on Poker, Bet on Baccarat, War of Bets.

At first blush we broadcast the same games we know and love - lottery, dice and card games. On the other hand, our live games are newly redesigned, keeping the basic and topping up with extra details.


 Live Games 


 Live Dealer 

 Constant intensity calendar 24/7/365 


 Wide range (1,01-2000) of odds 


 Land based solution 


 Charming presenters 


 Subscriptions for future* 




* - Subscriptions
It is the way to save a lot of time while betting, make bets for furthers draws. 

** - Combinations
Offers a higher reward for higher risk when player increase odd range by choosing to combine odds from the different games. Combinations are allowed only for lottery, dice & wheel games.

We have introduced a revolutionary approach to live casino gaming and are confident that our LIVE GAMES offer our partners the highest quality, the most authentic and entertaining live gaming experience and the widest choice of unique content. 

Betting turned into an exciting and fun experience with our revolutionary games a perfect solution for extending your current game portfolio at the betting shops, online and mobile! We even provide solution for countries with limited internet connection. Satellite solution covers the whole of sub-Saharan Africa region.


  • All our games are LIVE! 
  • Quick integration 
  • Charming presenters 
  • Good product for revenue growth 
  • Adjustable profit margin 
  • Player retention 
  • Multi-language & Multi-currency

We are very happy to announce that we were recognized as a fast growing technology company in the Central Europe region according to Deloitte - 13th place (in 2017) and 33rd place (in 2018). 

In SBC Awards we were nominated as Best Multi-Channel Supplier (in 2017) and Best Gaming Innovation (in 2018).

Saltoniskiu str. 9 LT-08105
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  • “Bet on Poker” is a real-time game with the rules and procedure very similar to the “Texas Hold'em Poker”, which is the most popular poker game variation.
  • War of Bets is a card game involving two sides - Player and Dealer. It uses a standard playing card deck. The higher card wins.
  • It's a viral internet video trend where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a moving camera films them, usually with the song "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd playing in the background
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